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Our Heritage
Maitre Charles Chalom established his legal practice in 1932.  Maitre Chalom was the head of the bar association of lawyers practicing before the mixed-courts.  Not only was he a lawyer, but also held an accounting degree.  His practice witnessed the birth of the oldest Egyptian business law firm with a continued existence since the date of its inception.  Dr. Hassan Elibrachy, Mr. Hussein Elibrachy, and Mr. Said Dermarkar negotiated a partnership agreement with Maitre Chalom in 1952. Dr. Hassan Elibrachy, who was at the time Secretary of the Royal Cabinet, joined the practice of Chalom, Ibrachy & Dermarkar in 1953.  Maitre Charles Chalom left Egypt and resigned the legal practice in 1956. The law firm’s name was changed to Ibrachy & Dermarkar.

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