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I&D has been in existence since eight decades. Throughout its history, it developed values that became core to its very existence. Any lawyer is ingrained in those values as a main condition for his continued existence in the firm. This strict adherence to our values takes precedence over any other growth consideration.

I&D is a full-service firm. Nevertheless, I&D's vision is to seek to develop core expertise in areas not broadly recognized in the Egyptian practice. It pioneers such fields to bring the international best practices to the Egyptian market. We do not strive to be the largest. We strive to be the best in what we do. We do not seek to be for everyone...we seek to be effective within the selected market we serve.

I&D's mission is to develop a thorough process in selecting our lawyers and administrative staff. We train them. We dedicate substantial resources to allow them to acquire international best practices. We seek and are successful in having the highest retention levels from within the industry. We allow a clear and transparent progress towards promotions and development in the career path of both our lawyers and staff.

I&D's value is to invest in our people, to best serve our clients. We dedicate ourselves to excellence and do not compromise. We embrace change, with our feet firmly rooted in our history. We do not tolerate any form of prejudice based on gender, religion, belief or personal preferences.

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