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1932  Maitre Charles Chalom establishes his law firm.  Because Maitre Chalom was qualified as a lawyer as well as an accoutant, he was uniquely qualified at the time, to serve the business needs of his clients.

1952  Hussein Elibrachy and Said Dermarkar join as partners.  They re-launched the firm as Chalom, Ibrachy & Dermarkar (CI&D).

1953  Dr. Hassan Elibrachy resigns as Secretary of the Royal Cabinet and joins CI&D.

1956  Maitre Charles Chalom leaves to France and the firm becomes Ibrachy & Dermarkar (I&D).

1974  The promulgation of Egypt's first investment law.  This allowed I&D to actively participate in advising domestic and incoming investments to Egypt.  I&D was there with the re-emergence of the private sector after the private sector dramatically regressed in the first years of the Egyptian coup of 1952.

1998  In seeking to further institutionalize, streamline its operations and include quality control systems, I&D becomes ISO 9001 certified.


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