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Banking, Financing and Infrastructure

Banking and Finance is one of the fastest changing and growing industries in Egypt where our legal facilitation plays a big role with a team of lawyers at the forefront.

Some of the recent prominent cases we have worked on, have facilitated the funding of SMEs in Egypt making way for more economy uprising, such as acting as Agence Francaise de Development's local counsel in a credit facility agreement granting a EURO 30 million loan to the National Bank of Egypt - the country's most important public bank.

In coordination with the leading international Jones Day, we worked in the process of handling one of the world's leading banks in the enforcement of share pledges with a value of USD 100 million.

A sample of the deals we were involved in includes:

  • I&D acted as the legal counsel of several banks on long term facilities granted to major cement production companies to enable their plants to operate with alternative fuel and coal.
  • I&D acted as international counsel in connection with the rating and international bond issue of a major energy company.
  • I&D acted as local counsel in advising a major European Bank on an export credit facility granted to a major international producer of plastic materials.
  • I&D lead one of the major PPP project carried out in 2007 between a multinational company and the Public Transportation Authority in Alexandria. The project was initiated to ameliorate the public transportation in Alexandria with different aspects including the equipment manufacturing, the installation and the professional formation as well.
  • I&D represented international lenders who arranged a USD 480 million debt facility for a B.O.T project in Egypt. The facility was to be used to finance the development of a new container terminal within the Port of Damietta.
  • I&D acted in 2008 as the lead counsel representing the Egyptian satellite company in connection with a major credit facility arranged by COFACE for the financing of a next general satellite that was launched in 2010.
  • I&D represented the international lenders in the largest private power investments in Egypt to date. The project consists of the development, construction and operation of two 682.5 MW steam generation plants (Port Saïd East & Suez Gulf). Our client was financing the project with a total amount of US$395 million for the construction and operation of two power projects aimed at boosting Egypt's electricity output.
  • I&D advised a major international bank on its $400 million bridge loan to an Egyptian mobile telephone network operator.
  • ¬I&D advised a major international lender and a syndicate of Egyptian and international banks on the $570 million, secured, multi-currency term loan to an Egyptian mobile telephone network operator.
  • I&D advised a major international lender on the $100 million mezzanine bond financing raised by the Egyptian mobile telephone network operator.

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