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Capital Markets

Businesses continue to grow amidst all the many economic changes, always looking for opportunities to expand and develop; our role is to advise you on the right financial funding paths and expansion plans despite the difficulty in finding the needed supplies ensuring we uncover new solutions. We provide you with local and global legal advice on different equity transactions, structured financial resolutions, and complex debts.

Our Capital Market practice area services include:

- Advising investors in relation to take-over of major stakes in listed companies whether through private placement or public offering while observing the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) rules and regulations.

- Advising existing investors on the re-organization of their shareholdings.

- The formation of brokerage companies, drafting, on behalf of brokers, bookkeepers and underwriters of the necessary documents to conduct their business within the capital market and negotiating these documents with the EFSA.

- Representing the lead managers in respect of various bond issues including the review of the prospectus, conducting the necessary due diligence on the issuer and issuing the legal documents required by the EFSA for obtaining the approval of the relevant bond.

I&D developed a preeminent capital markets practice. It has been involved in sophisticated transactions. Our lawyers have advised deals in more than $45 billion of capital markets transactions in the last few years.

Landmark deals include:

  • I&D advised a major cement operator in the purchase of the international cement operation of an Egyptian company.
  • I&D advised a major bank in its purchase of a major brokerage house.
  • I&D advised the purchasers of the operation of a major pharmaceutical business in Egypt.
  • I&D advised an international ceramic company in its purchase of a controlling interest in a company in Egypt, in one of the then largest transactions done on the stock exchange.
  • I&D advised an international bank in relation with a publicly offered bond by an Egyptian company.
  • I&D advised an international telephone network operator on the purchase of the remaining stake in a subsidiary in Egypt.
  • I&D advised an investment bank on financing the first management buyout in recent Egyptian history, in relation to a company operating the food industry.
  • In cooperation with Bryan Cave, I&D represented East Mediterranean Gas (EMG) in one of it the largest debt securitization deals of the time, one with a value of USD400 Million.
  • Advising Orascom Telecom Holding and Orascom Telecom Iraq Corp. Ltd. on the sale of 100% of their stake in Iraqna Company for Mobile Phone Services Ltd., the Iraqi company operator of the Iraqna GSM mobile phone network to MTC-Zain of Kuwait; a deal worth USD 1 billion.


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