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Legal Translation and Litigation

We are recognized as one of the most credible and trustworthy firms by both local and international development agencies for our legal research and translation services. Our team provides legal information and data in regards to cross-border investment guidelines in Egypt. We also offer two-way professional translation of four of the world’s commonly used languages – Arabic, English, French, and German - in the legal and commercial sectors.


Our extensive and comprehensive role in litigation across its broad spectrum takes the client from pre-case counseling up to the final enforcement of court judgments, a process that includes:

  • Assessing the case and sharing its evaluation with the client by compiling all related -documents.
  • Consulting the client on proceeding with a negotiated settlement with the opponent or resorting to filing a lawsuit.
  • Agreeing on the facts that will be addressed before the court, documents needed to file and support the case, the legal principles ruling the case, plan of defense, weak points that could work against the case, court costs, expected duration and court results.
  • Working to opt for the most profitable alternative and the development of a bespoke strategic route.
  • Periodically reporting the development and updates of the case after every hearing while sharing new allegations by the opponent, when applicable, explaining how they would affect the case results.
  • Enforcing the court judgment.

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