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Why Ibrachy and Dermarkar “I&D”?

I&D” great place to work at for almost 9 decades. Giving people opportunities to grow and succeed is a part of our Firm’s culture., we also encourage the ambitious candidates, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or age, to fulfil their professional aspirations and to create an exciting and diverse legal environment that attracts the high potentials in the market. These are potential future leaders.

Our Hiring Policy:
* Minimum eligibility selection criteria for applicants are:
* Fresh Grads Academic achievement - bachelor’s degree grade: Very Good
English language TOEFL exam score 550 (or equivalent in IELTS) 
* Graduates from accredited international Universities and Institutions, who are specialized in a field that is required for a particular vacancy.
* Graduates who possess a particular knowledge in a certain field of study, gained either before or after graduation and is required for the vacancy.
* Experienced Candidates (7 years or more) where a professional achievement can be provided via relevant experience required for the vacancy. (e.g. employment law, trade law, commercial law, competition law etc..) 
If you are interested in a job with us, please send your CV and cover letter by email to email addresses listed below, please make your subject line, the area of practice you want to apply for.

[For more information, please refer to our practice area under the heading 'Expertise']



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